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Your data doesn't lie.

What you don't measure, you don't know.

 What you don't know, you can't change.

Pakt is a growing European ecosystem of  production companies dedicated to delivering high quality film and photographic content for global brands and international ad agencies.  

Una Collective received the mandate from Pakt to assess their current Company Culture which will provide an insight into the status of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and how this is perceived by the employees.


Providing Pakt with a baseline to work with in answering your overarching DEI objective: How to attract, hire and retain (cultural diverse) talent?

We will answer this question in the next phase.


The Una Collective DEIB process spans across three actionable tiers: awareness, activation, and accountability.


From February - May 2022 Una Collective executed phase 1, awareness, for Pakt by assessing the current sentiment, experience and commitment of Pakt staff and leadership. To do this Una Collective deployed her in-house developed surveys, Culture Pulse and Leadership Pulse while also interviewing 10 selected Pakt employees. 

On this page Pakt can find the DEIB Report, as well as the full Culture Pulse and Leadership Pulse Reports. Quotes from the interviews have been used throughout all reports to strengthen the numbers with actual lived experiences.


The overall conclusion: Pakt has a strong culture where the heart is in the right place, but for a truly DEIB culture policies, actions, learning & development is the next step. 

The Key Trends

Pakt approached Una Collective inquiring for ways to address a desire to have a more diverse staff, specifically addressing an underrepresentation in the number of employees from historically marginalised groups in their local societies.


As Pakt continues to expand its business through an M&A approach, executives are aware of the need to grow its DEI strategy addressing cultural obstacles to optimal diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace and thereby strengthening their employer brand. Which will make them more attractive to future, diverse employees, an in-demand candidate pool. 

While analysing your leaders’ and employee’s quantitative and qualitative feedback, we discovered seven significant themes Pakt should consider. These workplace, culture trends are positively or negatively impacting DEI efforts and also have the most room for growth. 



Full Reports

Culture Pulse

The Una Collective Culture Pulse is a dedicated employee survey focussed on the themes of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

The Pulse covers 7 categories and 40 traits. 

In case of Pakt the survey was deployed for 6 weeks and open to all employees on staff (not the freelancers).

In the end 80 people filled out the survey.

This report shows their sentiment and experiences working for Pakt through a DEIB-lense. 

There's some inspiring wins and overall positive sentiment, but definitely also a lot of room for growth. Specifically, when it comes to formalizing DEIB policies and efforts.


The Pakt team is mostly talented, kind, hard-working and happy. But also unaware of their unconscious biases. The systems at play and the role their privilege plays in these systems.

With a score of 72 out of 100, Pakt is absolutely on the right track, but definitely not there yet.



With the usage of data & technology we create the benchmark within your company and help you set the KPI's goals for the next few years.

Assess gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within your organisation.


Use data to analyse your  progress, formulate goals and KPI's for the future.




Deep-dive consultancy into how your organisation's belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion policies, or lack thereof, are impacting your employees. While also focussing on the involvement of leadership to better implement policies, manage change, and develop resilience through commitments to gender equity, diversity and inclusion.



Change is hard. And it's easy to go back to how things were. In this phase we combine data, technology and a little consultancy to support you to continue regular reporting and implementing the KPIs. Making sure we create lasting change within your organisation.

Pakt Next Steps

74% of Pakt employees feel inclusion within their team and organisation.

Leadership Pulse

The Una Collective Leadership Pulse is a survey for management and leadership teams in which the level of inclusive leadership is measured.

The Pulse covers 5 categories and 30 traits. 

In case of Pakt the survey was deployed for 4 weeks and open to all 16 leaders of both the group as well as the individual agencies.

In the end 15 people filled out the survey.

This report shows how inclusive they believe they are. 

The Pakt leaders claim to be aware of bias and inequality, and place high value on DEI in the workplace. However, there's still room to grow, starting with making DEI should a key performance indicators, with every employee responsible for enacting these values. 

With a score of 76 out of 100, Pakt is absolutely on the right track, but definitely not there yet.

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