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Time to act.

Ambitions without commitment

are just empty promises.

Human capital is your key asset. We're living in the age

of the Great Resignation or the Great Reshuffle,

depending how you look at it.

If you understand the levels of inclusion and

belonging across all diversity groups; gender, ethnicity,

sexual orientation, age, religion, disabilities and neuro-

diversity, within your organisation, you're ready for the

next step: action. 

Get supported in transforming or simply improving 

your organisation's DEIB strategy, policies, programs 

and more.



We Are

Una Collective is your data driven, technology backed, human centric consultancy partner. Our approach is to start with your DEIB data and support you in transforming that data into real change within your organisation. Improving your employer branding, talent retention & attraction and employee wellbeing. 

78% of transformation journey's within organisations are not successful.
How do we make sure you're part of the

Una Collective develops or co-creates your diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging strategy.

This strategy is a combination of modules based on your organisational needs and always spans across your employees and your leadership. A real top-down, bottoms-up approach covering your whole employee lifecycle. 

The consultancy:

  • Follows a strategic framework to analyse the most important needs and align around key objectives.

  • Gives you an outside perspective on potential opportunities and challenges with respect to your organisation’s strategy, culture and execution.

  • Develops and executes the right strategic methodology for your organisation.

  • Implements the first important actions to transform.

the work

Let's do 

Your win: Una Collective doesn't only develop your DEIB strategy. We have the team and capacity in-house to deliver expertise on every module and the entire lifecycle of your employees and leaders. We provide and manage the common thread of your DEIB strategy for the first months. 



To be a successfully diverse organisation you need inclusive leadership. To be an inclusive leader you need to be competent or trained in 6 different traits. 

Policies &

To really make something happen within your organisation you need to write it down on paper. What do you find important? What are your values? But also, how do they translate into your policies and procedures? And is everyone aware?



Blockages that your organisation experiences are, more often than not, not intentional. Our subconscious plays a big role in the decisions that we make. Learn how to be aware of them and how can decide how you really want to act. 


& Hiring


A place hugely effected by unconscious bias is your recruitment & hiring. Building strong diverse, innovative teams rarely happens spontaneously. You need to put in knowledge, effort and a whole lot of energy. But trust us: it's worth it!

Promotion &


Getting more diverse talent into your organisation is just step #1. 

The real trick is how to build your future leadership pipeline and make them stay. 



If you're looking for a different outcome, you need to have different input, meaning: you need to change. People, generally, tend to not be big fans of change. So, in order for all the effort you're putting in to be effective, you need to address the transformation of your organisation.



Gaps happen when you're not paying attention or when you don't have any systems in place and measure the outcomes (or both). 

For the improvements you're working on to last, you need to understand where you currently have gaps within your organisation.

Communication &Vulnerability


Change is uncomfortable. Next to that is can be really confrontational. It's key to embrace the vulnerability. To not know. And most of all, to keep an open communication. To your people, your clients, your stakeholders, etc. 



This is not for every organisation, but it might be a great tool for yours. ERGs are Employee Resource Groups and what they are is a brave and safe space for your employees who identify as part of a diversity group. In these groups they can celebrate, share stories, get advice, etc. They're also an awesome asset to you on this journey.




With the usage of data & technology we create the benchmark within your company and help you set the KPI's goals for the next few years.

Assess gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within your organisation.


Use data to analyse your  progress, formulate goals and KPI's for the future.




Deep-dive consultancy into how your organisation's gender equity and diversity and inclusion policies, or lack thereof, are impacting your employees.


This process is focused on involvement of leadership to better implement policies, manage change, and develop resilience through commitments to gender equity, diversity and inclusion.

The whole employee journey :

Sourcing, Recruitment, Hiring,

Onboarding, Retention, Promotion, Company Culture, Management, Leadership. Plus solidifying your policies, procedures and strategy.




Change is hard. And it's easy to go back to how things were. In this phase we combine data, technology and a little consultancy to support you to continue regular reporting and implementing the KPIs. Making sure we create lasting change within your organisation.

Continue your data collection and measure your improvements. Understand where to put your attention and get support when needed.

Our process spans three actionable tiers: awareness, activation, and accountability.

4% of your new employees quit after a terrible first day. 

Get started with your free consultation

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