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Debrief is the in-house publication of Una Collective’s research team. Our research team issues short, long, and interview reports covering a wide range of topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in business.


Debrief publications will always be free to access. Simply download for your reading pleasure. Below you find our publications thus far - we have tackled a range of topics from inclusive design to biased recruitment, as well as several expert interviews. 

Debrief as also available as an in-company service, scroll down for more information.

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Debrief as a Service



In-company Debrief is a research and development service in which Una Collective works together with your organisation. In this capacity, we gather and research your data around diversity, inclusivity and gender equity in a GDPR-compliant manner. Our research team interprets the data, writes, and delivers print-ready reports covering gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within your business.


We offer different tiers of collaboration:


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A report of your leadership, policies & external available data from a D&I perspective.* 

*all our pricing is based on company size and specific requirements.

Business Meeting


A detailed report combining qualitative and quantitative data, focusing on your leadership & company culture. Giving you a great starting point for the work to be done.* 

*all our pricing is based on company size and specific requirements.

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A full audit of your company based on quantitative and qualitative data to demonstrate your path to change. In addition, we utilise both internal HR data and original data gathered by the Una Team.*

*all our pricing is based on company size and specific requirements.

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