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Your data doesn't lie.

What you don't measure, you don't know.

 What you don't know, you can't change.

Ambitions without commitment are empty promises.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are vital subjects 

to any jobseekers nowadays. Human capital is your key asset.

Use our data-driven approach to turn ambition into action.

Assess your company's levels of inclusion and

belonging across all diversity groups; gender, ethnicity,

sexual orientation, age, religion, disabilities and neuro-

diversity. Receive actionable tips and advice focussed 

on improving your employer brand, talent management, 

retention and employee wellbeing. 






Una Collective is your data driven, technology backed, human centric consultancy partner. Our approach is to start with your DEIB data and support you in transforming that data into real change within your organisation. Improving your employer branding, talent retention & attraction and employee wellbeing. 

By starting or improving your DEIB work with an Una Collective Assessment allows both you and us to understand the sentiment, experiences and commitment of your staff and leadership. 

How it works:

  • We review your current DE&I programs and efforts

  • We listen to the opinions and sentiments of your employees with Una Collective Culture Pulse and Leadership Pulse

  • We uncover why your people leave

  • We identify what's blocking your employees’ advancement

  • We review your talent practices to identify where potential biases might be built-in

  • We uncover inequities in pay, talent acquisition, talent review, development, special assignment opportunities, promotions, succession and retention.


After the Assessment you have a DEIB Report providing you with your organisation's DEIB baseline, first tips and advice and recommended next steps. 

Please find a little sneak peek of the Una Collective DEIB report below:



We Are

To understand where you are on your DEIB journey,

we've developed a quick - 5 question - survey:

52 of the biggest Dutch companies have Boards of Directors consisting entirely of white men.

Our process spans three actionable tiers: awareness, activation, and accountability.



With the usage of data & technology we create the benchmark within your company and help you set the KPI's goals for the next few years.

Assess gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within your organisation.


Use data to analyse your  progress, formulate goals and KPI's for the future.




Deep-dive consultancy into how your organisation's gender equity and diversity and inclusion policies, or lack thereof, are impacting your employees.


This process is focused on involvement of leadership to better implement policies, manage change, and develop resilience through commitments to gender equity, diversity and inclusion.

The whole employee journey :

Sourcing, Recruitment, Hiring,

Onboarding, Retention, Promotion, Company Culture, Management, Leadership. Plus solidifying your policies, procedures and strategy.



Change is hard. And it's easy to go back to how things were. In this phase we combine data, technology and a little consultancy to support you to continue regular reporting and implementing the KPIs. Making sure we create lasting change within your organisation.

Continue your data collection and measure your improvements. Understand where to put your attention and get support when needed.

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