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Unleashing the power of everyone

2022, time for organisations to be inclusive and diverse 

Our world is constantly changing. Shifts of all types are reshaping how companies engage with people, customers and communities. To thrive in the midst of these disruptions, your organisation needs talent that matches the complexity of the world it operates in. You need diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to tap into all the power and potential of that talent. 

Una Collective works with organisations to drive real change and support the transforming of the organisation as a DEIB company by design, not default.

In order to do so, we transform the behaviour and mindset of teams, individuals and leaders. We then support them with fair and equitable structures and processes, because the hard truth is that behavioural inclusion without structural inclusion will not change the status quo.

Our purpose is to help everyone, from any and all backgrounds, achieve their full potential, to help organisations thrive, improve wider society and bring people closer together.


We Stand

Join our team

We are always looking for new team members in research, D&I as well as offering various internship opportunities.

We build a

DEIB strategy based on where you're now

When your organisation isn’t as diverse and inclusive as you’d like it to be, the first thing we do is to find out why. Before jumping to solutions, we help you take a step back by doing a full assessment of your organisation and management. That way both you and us really understand the next steps. 

How we support you

We bring decades of experience to the table. Both with the Una Collective team, as well as with our pool of consultants. We have a profound expertise in DEIB and with our benchmarks we help you make decisions based on data and analytics, not just opinions.

Based on your company's assessment and benchmark, we develop inclusive behaviours in management and employees. And we transform the system itself, reshaping talent processes to ensure they are fair and equitable.


Meet our

Leadership Team

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Founder & CEO

Sofia is a strategic business leader with a great dedication to international entrepreneurship and gender equality in business and culture. With a self-made career in ethical hacking, reverse malware analysis, cybersecurity audits and governance, Sofia is an internationally revered and recognised cybersecurity expert and CEO & founder of Athenorm intelligence. In 2020, based on her dedication to SDG5 and SDG10, Sofia founded Una Collective and Gender Equality Impact.


“Una Collective provides innovative and expert consultancy that drives success in business and culture. We do this by advancing gender equality, diversity and inclusion. We support leaders and changemakers through resources and expertise.”

Sofia Nabila Echaldi

Rixt Herklots

Managing Director

Working as a recruitment consultant, Rixt Herklots ran into gender prejudices and biases on a regular basis. Refocusing her career, she became an advocate for women in business through her engagement with The Next Women. Connecting female entrepreneurs with investors, she built the company into a noteworthy contender in the women empowerment space of the Netherlands and beyond. Rixt brought her skills and expertise to Una Collective to expand her level of impact by working directly with ambitious leaders and employers.

“I believe that when we as a society embrace diversity and thereby become truly inclusive, we can make a huge positive impact on our world.”

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The Una Manifesto

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As we build a culture

Of radical acceptance 

That all are invited to 

Revel in

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Advancing equal opportunity 
At work
through data-driven strategies and human connection

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