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White Papers.

Una Collective's DEIB* White Papers for new and relevant Information, actionable techniques and best practices.

As our team of DEI experts develop assessments, tools, techniques, trainings, and processes for the creation and management of DEIB programs and practices within organisations, we periodically share that research in our white papers.

*DEIB = Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Build diverse &

inclusive teams

White Paper Una Collective

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics, but how do you actually

build a diverse and inclusive team? In this Una Collective white 

paper we help you take your intention to execution with 9

actionable steps for you to take.

Whether you're a startup, scale-up, SME or corporate.

These steps can help you in taking the first steps in your DEI


How to make DEI

work in your SME

White Paper Una Collective

Intention without action is just an empty promise. 

But transforming your intentions into a working

DEI strategy can be quite the challenge, especially

as a SME where budgets and staff have a limited


Improve the DEI in

your talent pipeline

White Paper Una Collective

If there's one departement that can reap the benefits of 

the incorporation of DEI quite quickly it's hiring &

recruitment. The phrase "We just hire the best talent"

is old and outdated if you're not actively looking for

the best talent and adding them to your pipeline.

Learn more on how to do this.

Get started with your free consultation

Got excited to get started on your DEI journey after all that reading? 

Book a consultation with our team today today to create a plan that aligns with your goals and budget.

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