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Culture Pulse is Una Collective’s proprietary, quantitative survey. It provides organisations with a deep and meaningful understanding for how their most valued resource, their employees, experience diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI).

Ultimately, it inspires workplace growth, important changes, inclusion and equity. And most importantly, it works to create a workplace where all employees are treated well and thrive.


How long does it take?

  • We kindly ask you to complete the survey in one go of it. On average it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. 


What kinds of questions can I expect?

  • It includes approx. 50 multiple-choice questions, and a small number of open-ended questions. 

  • At the end of the survey we ask you to optionally provide personal information about how you identify. However, none of these questions are mandatory. 


Why do you ask questions about which social groups I identify with in the workplace such as Gender, Sexuality, Age, and so on?

  • Knowing how you identify yourself as part of various social groups helps us understand how your organisation’s current DEI practices impact people from these various social groups. We never share your name or personal contact information, and only share data that is compiled into groups, not by individual response.


Here is an example of how this identity data might help us and your company:

From our Culture Pulse, we learned that people who identify as women are satisfied with procedures for reporting harassment. 

→ People who identify as women identified data in this example. 


"I'm the only woman in the team" or "The combination of the personal characteristics will lead back to me". How do you account for this in your reporting?

  • ​We have address such risks as follows: The reports include the data sheets, a matrix of all the survey questions and the aggregated scores of the organisation and the scores per demographic characteristic. All observations less than 5 are not shown in the matrix; instead a '-' is shown. 

  • No dossier creation can take place based on a survey by Una Collective. We will never reveal personal details to clients, nor information about who did or did not take part (we don't even know).


What if I do not want to participate or want to stop participating in the study after I started?

  • You decide whether you want to participate in the study, it’s completely optional.


How is my Culture Pulse submission stored anonymously, and for how long? 

  • We use a third party tool, Typeform, to conduct the survey. Your anonymous replies are stored in this database. Only Una Collective is authorized to view the submissions. 

  • When you submit a response the "coded" data will be analyzed within the study, not on an individual basis, but compiled into data groups for statistical analysis.

  • The data will be deleted from the Typeform server, 14 days after the report is presented to the Company.


How are my answers shared with my organisation?

At no time are individual submissions shared with your organisation. Only when it’s completely anonymised, are your answers shared with Una Collective. And then Una Collective compiles it into data groups for statistical insights. Una Collective then shares these insights with the organisation.


Who can I contact with any additional questions?

Nicole Willner Brodsky |

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