Your data doesn't lie.

What you don't measure, you don't know.

 What you don't know, you can't change.

Una Collective is a data driven, technology backed, and human centric research and development ally and consultancy. We help companies build cultures rooted in gender equity, and diversity and inclusion. Because the journey to progress looks different for every business, our approach is always bespoke to the challenges in your organisation.

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Phase One: Awareness

With the usage of data & technology we create the benchmark within your company and help you set the KPI's goals for the next few years.

Assess gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within your organisation.
Use data to analyse your progress, formulate goals and KPIs for the future.

Our process spans three actionable tiers: awareness, activation, and accountability. Within them, there are variances in direction and degrees of involvement that an organisation can take. All our programs are made-to-measure and our pricing reflects that flexibility. Our team thrives on discussion, so if you are interested in long-term change that lasts, reach out to us and we can discuss what your journey will entail with Una Collective.

52 of the biggest Dutch companies have Boards of Directors consisting entirely of white men.

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